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Day 3 Summary

Daemon Set :

  1. A Daemon Set is a type of workload in Kubernetes that ensures that one and only Pod runs on all nodes within a cluster, It is basically used for proxy kind of services.
  2. Daemon Sets ensure that exactly one instance of a specified Pod is scheduled and running on each node that matches the Pod's node selector.


  1. A job is something that runs the specified task using the container image provided in the template.
  2. Once the task is completed successfully, the Job is considered finished.
    Crone Jobs:

  3. Cron Job is a resource that allows you to run Jobs at scheduled intervals.

  4. The job is created as a one-time Job when the schedule is met and then terminated.

  5. The Schedule field is used to specify when the job should run i.e.(schedule: "*/5 * * * *"). In this case, it runs every 5 minutes.
    Config Map:

  6. In Kubernetes, a Config Map is a resource that allows you to store configuration data separately from your application code.
    Services :

  7. Service is also known as network load balancer.

  8. Service only send traffic to healthy pods.

  9. Services can be accessible from outside the cluster.

  10. It uses TCP by default and load balancing is Random load balancing by default.

  11. Service can be configured for session affinity.

  12. The labels of pods should be same as the selector labels of service to balance the load.

  13. Expose command automatically take the labels from deployment and create a service and balance the load.

Node Port:

  1. Node port create a service with cluster IP and type is node port which can be accessible from outside.
  2. Node port is something which is used to communicate from outside to the pod.
  3. To access the pod inside the cluster we need to give the Service IP : port and to access from outside we need to give Node IP.

Ingress Controller:

  1. An Ingress Controller in Kubernetes is a component that manages and configures access to services within the cluster from external network traffic.
  2. It acts as a reverse proxy, handling incoming HTTP and HTTPS traffic

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