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Day 3- Learning summary - Harish Kumar G

What are the ways to deploy pod?

  • POD
  • Replication controller
  • ReplicationSets
  • Deployement

Daemon Set
Job & CronJob

Daemon Set

It is used to instantiate pod in every available node.
Min and max node created using deman set is 1.
kubectl get ds

Job & CronJob

Job is the resource which runs the task and monitor it to complete.
Cron job is the resource which runs the task and repeat it on defined schedule.


this is configurations required for service and we can use in service as volume mounts.
its stored in etcd i.e. as key and value pair


We call it as Service and not Load Balancer
Service = Network Load Balancer
Ingress = Application Load Balancer

kubectl create svc -h

*Ingress *
Ingress is a way for enabling traffic. Also helps in routing.
Ingress means a rule. It is an API object.
Ingress controller is exposed with the load balancer.

Path Based
Name Based
TLS Based

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