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devops day-2 assignment

Docker commands:
Port - to interact with container from internet
ps - to list docker container details
logs - go get the logs from container (PID1)
stats   - get the computation power details of container
top     - to get the running processes details of container
events  - to get the events logs from dockerd ( through events terminal)
update - to Update configuration of one or more containers (CPU and Memory)
wait - this holds the container process(like kill) till execute pipeline process of other container

Image  : collection of file systems(root(user),app)

       - docker gives unique name to each file system and will be downloaded to overlay2 folder
       - we can call each file systems as layer , top layer will be root file system layer
       - each layer will have parent layer and one parentless (root layer)
       - all the layers are merged as one layer and mounted to container
       - merged layer will be divided into two parts (diff, merge)
                - merge - get attached to mount
                - diff - changed to container files(merge) will be added to diff  
       - if comment happens, new layer will be created from diff (read only) and its called new image (
       - changes to the container (adding, deleting, modifying) in the merge will be added to diff location
       - if new image from existing image ,it will be created from diff layer part as read only mode(new layer with combined old layers)
       - Image creation can be implemented in two ways
         -- all required layers in one layer(command)
         -- each layer in each command (best practice)
       - To share image locally (with same network) create tarball and can be shared name (save .tar and load commands)
       - In order to share the create images with others ,will be uploaded in to repository (public,verivate)
       - Most popular image repo is docker hub
       - Login into docker hub through command line and by using tag ,can upload images to docker hub

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