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Kubernetes questions day 3

what is Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes is orchestration tool to manage the containers.

why Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes is used for deploying and managing containerized applications.

Explained Kubernetes Architecture

  • It containers below components
    • API server: To process requests from client
    • etcd : storage unit with all API data with key value pair
    • control manager: to control total process of orchestration. The API server is the front end for the Kubernetes control plane.
    • scheduler: to schedule pods/containers. component that watches for newly created Pods with no assigned node and selects a node for them to run.

Master components

  • API server, ETCD, Control manager, Scheduler

worker components

kubelet, container engine

workstation components

kubelet with json or yaml

what is pod

  • basic logical unit of Kubernetes scheduler

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