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Kubernetes Notes

  1. What is Kubernetes?
  • It is a container orchestrator technology.
  • Manages CRUD operations.
  1. Why do we need it?
  • We need to manager containers.
  • Using docker we won't be able to manage huge number of containers.
  • We don't want down time, when some container gets corrupted and we have to manually create new ones.
  1. How it works?

Master Process

  • Apiserver is the main point of communication.

  • All the data is stored in ETCD (key-value pair). The apiserver updates the database.

  • The contorller-manager goes on in a loop cycle, and constantly pings the apiserver regarding the nodes (health status).

  • The scheduler schedules the pods for nodes.

Worker Process

  • Proxy server sets up communication details for the node from apiserver.

  • The kubelet collects info regarding instanciation of pods from the apiserver.

  • It then creates a pod instance, which in turn contacts docker engine for container creation.

  1. What are the components of Master?
  • Apiserver, controller-manager, data-store, scheduler.
  1. What are the components of Worker?
  • Kubelet, proxy-server, Docker-engine

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