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Assignment 2- Day 2

  1. Kubernetes architecture

It comprises of Master and worker nodes a.k.a minions
Master node is in charge of the worker nodes. It is the entry point of all administrative tasks.
Worker nodes are the ones who do the work.

  1. Components of master

i)Api-server: control plane front end
ii)Cluster store: Persistent storage cluster which uses etcd.
iii)Controller manager: It has controllers which checks for changes thus helping maintain desired state.
iv)Scheduler: Gives work to nodes and watches apiserver for new pods.

  1. Components of worker

i)kubelet: Main agent which observes apiserver and instantiates pods , thus reporting it to master.
ii)container engine: It performs container management similar to Docker.
iii)kube-proxy: It does the networking for the kubernetes. It assigns IP addresses to the pods.

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