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Day 3-Assignment

  • What is POD? 5 Characteristics of pod The most basic unit of work which is a collection of one or more containers with shared storage and network resources. Characteristics:
  • Have a unique IP address.
  • Persistent storage volumes.
  • Configuration information which tells how a container should run.
  • Ephermal
  • Atomicity

  • What is Deployment and each feature of it with 1 example
    It is a kind of resource which gives declarative updates to pods.

  • Replication

  • Controller

  • Versioning

  • Rollout

  • Rollback

  • What is Services and types of Services?
    A service in kubernetes is a load balancer.
    Label of pod should be same as the label of service.
    Types of services include:

  • Load balancer which is required outside of the cluster to redirect the node.

  • Node which is required inside the cluster to redirect to the required pods.

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