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Datadog Assignment 1

What is Observability and its advantage?

It is reactive in a way that it will gives information that why the monitoring not working. It helps in debuging the system. Metrics, Traces and Logs are the pillars.



  1. It helps in time saving
  2. It increases automation
  3. Actionable alerting
  4. Real time integration dashboard
  5. Real user monitoring, etc

Difference between Observability and Monitoring?

  • Monitoring is a proactive method where we can check if the system is available or healthy.
  • Observability is a reactive method where we will be debugging the system when an issue occurs.

What is Datadog?

  • It is a service which collects Metrics, Traces, Logs and presents the visualization of those collected. It has 600+ integrations.
  • It uses Microservices architecture
  • It collects the info of availability, performance and reliability for Application, Network and Server.

What is Datadog Agent and How it works?

  • It is a light weight software installed on the host.
  • It reports metrics and events from the host to datadog.
  • It is written in Go Lang.

Component of Datadog Agent and short intro for each

  • Collector - collects all standard metrics
  • DogStatsD - The statsD code is modified with extension. It accepts metrices, events and services checks.
  • Forwarder - Forwards the info from collector and DogstatsD over HTTPS to the datadog.

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