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Assignment 2

What is Namespaces? Explain with Image

Image description
Namespace is a logical separation of resources within the cluster so that if multiple teams are using the same cluster.
In this image there are 3 namespaces shown:
1) Default: This is a default namespace and all those resources which are deployed without any namespace will be deployed here.
2) There are two other namespace viz: dev and qa created here

What is Pod? Explain with Image

Image description
Image is an atomic deployment which provide isolated environment to run your containers.
You can run multiple containers within pod. In the current image there are 2 containers deployed within the same pod.
Cluster manages the lifecycle of pods.

What is ReplicaSets? Explain with Image

A ReplicaSet is a resource that ensures there is always a stable set of running pods for a specific workload.
If due to some issues, few pods goes down it will help bring them back so that at any point of time desired state is met

Image description
What is Deployment? Explain with Image
A Deployment is a declarative way to updates Pods and ReplicaSets.

Image description

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