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Kubernetes Introduction

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source tool from CNCF community which is used to deploy containers (work) and manage their lifecycle.

Why do we need it?

Kubernetes is helping us to overcome some of the challenges brought by containerization w.r.t our scaling architecture. For Example: Port conflicts if multiple instances of application requires same port for communication.

How it works?

Kubernetes creates a separate Pod or cluster overlay network which helps multiple containers deployed in same node or multiple nodes to talk directly.
It uses Host network to communicate between Minnions and Master nodes. Worker Nodes chooses master during registration and exchange certificate during initial registration process and that is how they establish a relation.
Scheduler decides which node to be picked to instantiate pod
Any external request (Json or yaml) target to API server (via network load balancer) will be sent to the worker node.

What are the components of Master?

There are 4 major components to consider any node to be MASTER. Below are those:
1) Api server
2) Controlloer
3) Storage
4) Scheduler

What are the components of Worker?

1) Kubelet
2) Kube proxy

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