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What is Observability?

Write 10 lines answers for following question. Please use 2 useful image which should be very relevant and meaningful in this context.

  1. What is Monitoring?
  2. What is observability and hows its different from Monitoring?
  3. What are action items for setting up observability?

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Deepak dhodi • Edited

Monitoring is monitoring the health of infrastructure. We gather metrices for hardware and software in infrastructure and monitor the devices basis the metrices. So we have tools where we have metrices defined and which monitors the event of malfunction and disruption.
Observability allows to actively debug the system It helps us to measure the systems current state and gives greater control over complex systems.
Action Items- Metrices, Event , logs and traces.
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  1. Monitoring is a systematic process of collecting, analysing & using information to track it and reaching it's objectives.

  2. Observability is assembling all fragments from logs,monitoring tools and organize them in a way which gives actionable knowledge.
    Monitoring just tells us whether the system is working or not while observability tells us why it isn't working. Its a superset of Monitoring.

  3. Action items for observability is MELT
    I.e.,Melt, Events, Logs,Traces.

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Deborah Mahima

What is monitoring?

  • It's a systematic process of collecting, analysing and using the information (matrices) to reach an objective over a period of time (and to track progress)
  • used for various reasons like health checks, etc
  • In monitoring we ask questions based on the dashboards.
  • Static environment
  • Basically, monitoring tells us if a system is working or not.

What is observability and hows its different from Monitoring?

  • Observability is lets you ask why a system is not working.
  • Unlike monitoring, it provides broad view of a system's health and performance.
  • Dynamic environment
  • The job here is to find out why and where there is a problem.
  • inner workings, debugging, etc

What are action items for setting up observability?

  • Latency, errors, traffic, saturation.
  • MELT Matrices Events Logs Traces Image description
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Hari Krishnan G

1.Monitoring is the process to gather metrics about the operations of an IT environment's hardware and software to ensure everything functions as expected to support applications and services.

2.Observability is the advancement of Monitoring, getting deeper in to the metrics we have.

for example, through monitoring we can get the current state of a device, by obserbability we can fetch , how long the device was in that state.

3.Action items for observability is MELT
Melt, Events, Logs,Traces.

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Haripriya A • Edited

Monitoring is a process of collecting, analyzing data and information to improve the performance In work.

Observability is that it is the use of external data outputs to understand the internal state of a system it is use of logs, metrics and distributed traces to understand the state of a complex software system..

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Major elementary keywords are:

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servesh • Edited
  1. What is Monitoring? Gathering of Metrics ( Information / data)

  2. What is observability and hows its different from Monitoring?
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    Observability : Will see why the issue raised ? or why we received the failure or what caused to get the alert .
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It is just share to the alert information or status of the metric

  1. What are action items for setting up observability? Collecting the MELT to setup the monitoring Metrics Events Logs Trace
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  1. What is Monitoring ?

Gathering of Metrics Data (Availability, Performance & Capacity)

  1. What is observability and hows its different from Monitoring?

Observability relies on telemetry. Its been based on the data it generates such as logs, Metrics & traces.It has multiple cloud infrastructure component & container, open-source tool, Microservice records.

  1. What are action items for setting up observability?


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Preetham Keekan

Monitoring set up helps us to keep a tab on Infrastructure services to ensure everything is working as expected and any abnormality is reported in form of an alerting.

While Monitoring tells us there is a issue, Observability tells us why & where the issue is, thus helps in faster resolution with less trouble shooting.

Action items for setting up observability is MELT : Metrics, Events, Logs, Trace .

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Narasing Jaya Bharath Reddy • Edited
  1. What is Monitoring? Monitoring is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place on the ANS : Configuration Items(CPU, Memory), Data Bases, applications, services and Performance .
  2. What is observability and hows its different from Monitoring?

ANS :Observability refers to the ability to understand what is happening inside a system based on the external data exposed by that system and focused on keeping the most relevant, important and core issues at or near the top of an operations. Observability tells us why the system is down, Monitoring tell us the Server is not working. Observability tells why something is wrong and monitoring tells when something is wrong, Observability is Proactive where as Monitoring is reactive. Observability reduces the duration and impact of incident and Monitoring enables Quick response.
Monitoring is based on gathering predefined sets of metrics or logs. Observability is tooling or a technical solution that allows teams to actively debug their system. Observability is based on exploring properties and patterns not defined in advance.

  1. What are action items for setting up observability? MELT is used to setup Observability .

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Harish • Edited
  1. Monitoring is collection & analyze data to make sure the infra is up and running.
  2. Observability is deep dive analysis of all the relevant infra data provided as an insight on a dashboard which helps us in taking actions to enhance the system.
  3. MELT - Metrics, Events, Logs, Traces. Image description
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Vikraman S
  1. Monitoring is a process to mitigate any issues that occurs in the environment

  2. Observability and monitoring are separate but supplemental concepts. A simple way to distinguish the two is that monitoring works by collecting and analyzing telemetry known to be related to application or system performance issues, while observability gives teams the contextual information needed to identify and respond to “unknown unknowns,” or issues teams are not yet aware of.Observability platforms automatically and continuously collect telemetry data from across distributed IT environments and correlate it in real-time, allowing users to easily understand what is happening and why without having to predefine the exact data collected or tagging applied. Beyond simply enabling enhanced monitoring, observability solutions provide an exploratory function, giving users the application and infrastructure context needed to flexibly query operational data and surface valuable insights.

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3.Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces are the essential data types of observability

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Chedurla pavani
  1. Monitoring is the process of checking the health status of the servers, services, devices & applications and can be report to respective owners.

  2. Observability is show what's going on inside of the system and can be modify it. Where as in monitoring we don't have the option

  3. Tracing and checking s logs

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Sourav Karmakar • Edited

Observability is a management strategy that helps us to understand the most relevant or core issues near the top of an operations process flow.

Monitoring is a systematic process by which we can collect and analyze data and using those we can track any program is reaching its objectives or not and we can make decisions accordingly.

For monitoring there are some sets of metrics or logs which are already defined based on that we can understand the issue.
But using observability we can debug system actively.

Action Items- Metrices, Event , logs and traces
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1.Monitoring is the regular recording of activities.

  1. Observability Metrices ,Events , logs, traces

Monitoring is based on collecting and gathering of metrices and Events

3.MELT is used to setup observability

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Vasim Akram Shaik

Monitoring is a process of collecting, reporting and analyzing the information.
Monitoring is the act of observing a system’s performance over time.
Monitoring technologies EX - APM
It uses the data and insights for understanding of your system, including its health and performance.
Tool we used to setup observability is Datadog, Newrelic, Splunk etc.
Monitoring is Proactive where as Observability is Reactive.
MELT is used to setup observability
M -> Metrices
E -> Events
L -> Logs
T -> Traces
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