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Error with Permissions-Policy header Unrecognized feature ch-ua-form-factor in flutter

This header is part of the Permissions Policy, a web standard for controlling browser behavior related to powerful features like geolocation, camera access, and others.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

Update Server Response:
Contact the server administrator or the team responsible for the server and ask them to update the Permissions-Policy header to remove the unrecognized feature. The header might look something like this:

Permissions-Policy: ch-ua-form-factor 'none';
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Removing or updating this header might resolve the issue.

Browser Compatibility:
Check if the browser you are using (or the WebView in your mobile app) supports the ch-ua-form-factor feature. It's possible that the feature is not supported in the browser or WebView version you are using.

Browser Console Logs:
Open the browser console (or the WebView logs) and check for additional error messages or warnings. They might provide more information about the issue and potential solutions.

If you have access to the server configuration, modifying the server response is the most direct way to address this problem. If not, you may need to consider alternative approaches or contact the website administrator for assistance.

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