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laravel Solution

How to Store Array in Database Laravel?

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laravel split string by space

laravel split string by comma or dot

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Split string in Laravel Framework

Laravel - Guzzle Request / cURL error 6: Could not resolve host?

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Your API_DOMAIN may not have been set to a proper url (did it start with http:// or https://)?

It may also be worth a try to restart the web server (e.g. restart nginx).

It could also be a connectivity issue on your server. You can try a reboot of the VPS or check if the firewall did not block your outgoing request. Maybe disable iptables or firewalld for a moment.

There could also be issues with the DNS for the API_DOMAIN. Maybe you did configure it locally in your /etc/hosts on your developmnet environment but not on production. You may check if the dns resolves properly or add it to your /etc/hosts file on your production server.
other side domain should open 
cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: wz-wizard-project-ms (see
wz-wizard-project-ms home page run it is not working
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