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List down programming project assignment using using curl in laravel

Weather App:

Build a command-line weather application that takes a city name as input and uses cURL to fetch current weather information from a weather API (e.g., OpenWeatherMap).
GitHub Repository Viewer:

Create a tool that accepts a GitHub username and fetches information about the user's repositories using the GitHub API. Display details such as repository names, stars, and forks.
URL Shortener:

Develop a URL shortening service using cURL to interact with a URL shortening API. Users can input a long URL, and the application generates a shortened version.
Currency Converter:

Build a command-line currency converter that uses cURL to fetch exchange rates from a currency exchange API (e.g., ExchangeRate-API) and converts between different currencies.
News Headlines Aggregator:

Create a script that fetches the latest news headlines from a news API (e.g., News API) using cURL. Allow users to filter news by category or source.
Random Joke Generator:

Develop a tool that fetches random jokes from a jokes API (e.g., JokeAPI) using cURL. Users can specify the type of jokes they want (e.g., programming jokes, dad jokes).
IP Geolocation Tracker:

Build an application that takes an IP address as input and uses cURL to retrieve geolocation information from an IP geolocation API (e.g.,
Image Downloader:

Create a script that downloads images from a specified URL using cURL. Allow users to input a URL, and the application fetches and saves the images to the local machine.
Movie Information Lookup:

Build a tool that fetches details about movies using cURL from a movie database API (e.g., OMDB API). Users can search for movies by title and view information like cast, ratings, etc.
Book Search Engine:

Develop a command-line tool that uses cURL to search for books on Google Books API. Users can input a book title or author, and the application displays relevant book details.
These project assignments cover a range of scenarios and APIs, providing opportunities to practice cURL usage while creating practical and functional applications. Remember to respect API usage policies and obtain any necessary API keys when implementing these projects.

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