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*POD *
POD is atomic unit of scheduling in K8 cluster which is instantiated by Kubelet
POD is an api resource in k8 cluster which can be created or deleted.
It is application or service.

Characteristics of pod
POD can contain one or more containers.
All pods can communicated with other pods in same cluster.
Same POD cannot be redeployed.

Deployment and its feature
Deployment is K8 resource kind.
Deployment can be rolled out or rolled back.
Deployment can be versioned.
Deployment can be configured by replicas.
Deployment can be scaled up or down
Deployments can be created/modified or deleted.
Deployment strategy can be recreate or rollingupdate

Services and its types
Service is a load balancer and its types can be network or application.
Service load balances pod/network level.

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