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Rathipriya Assigment - Docker Training Day1

** Difference between docker kill and docker stop?**

"docker stop" command stops all processes gracefully whereas docker kills the processes abruptly.

It is also noticed that docker kill works on running containers only. 
If it is executed on non running containers then below error is seen.
root@ip-172-31-22-5:/home/ubuntu# docker stop rathi
root@ip-172-31-22-5:/home/ubuntu# docker kill rathi
Error response from daemon: Cannot kill container: rathi: Container 5cbe35371e6122791a5504d6e4315241cc423895fc77580132a55663d8b108e9 is not running
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docker pause and docker unpause difference
Docker pause puts all the threads of specified container threads to suspended state.
_Docker unpaus_e resumes all the threads of the specified container to running state.
URL of the images pushed**

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