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2nd day learning summary Rajesh

1) Namespace

Namespaces allow for a logical separation between different pods within the cluster. This is useful when you are running different products, often managed by different teams, within the same cluster. Using namespaces ensures that one product's pods does not accidentally hamper another product's pods

2) Troubleshoot POD

You access container but thru POD IP

Type kubectl to get help on commands available

kubectl logs podName

curl http://IP for logs

kubectl option-picked -h --> help command

kubectl exec -it POD /bin/bash --> inside container

kubectl port-forward --address pod/rajesh 8888:80 ----> 8888 is POD port and can be any available port

kubectl cp pod.yaml rajesh:/tmp ----> copy file

kubectl exec rajesh ls /tmp

kubectl auth can-i create pod ---> check access

port is set up in image and the port number in pod.yaml is for information only

3) Deployment

Replication. ------ From ReplicaSets
Controller ------ From ReplicaSets


Versioning is clubbed with Rollout

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