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What is Deployment #3 By Soumya

  1. Troubleshooting of pods.
  2. A Replication Controller is one of the core components in Kubernetes that helps manage and ensure the desired number of replicas (Pods) are running and maintained within a cluster.
  3. It is a primitive and has been largely replaced by the more advanced and flexible ReplicaSet and Deployment controllers in modern Kubernetes.
  4. A ReplicaSet is a higher-level abstraction in Kubernetes that, like a Replication Controller, helps manage and ensure a desired number of replicas (Pods) are running within a cluster.
  5. Deployment is the best practice to use for pod creation.
  6. Deployment used rolling update policy for scaling by default.
  7. Deployment is consists of replication, controller, versioning, rollout, rollback.
  8. We can scale up the pods by using commands and all. 9.Namespace is a logical separation of cluster. 10.port forwarding can be done to forward the container port to the pod port.

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