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What is POD #2 By Soumya

  1. Kubernetes consists of Master and Worker Nodes.
  2. Master node contains API Server, Cluster Storage, Controller manager and schedulers.
  3. The worker node contains kube-proxy, container engine and Kubelet.
  4. Pods are the place where the one or more than one container is running.
  5. To access the containers running inside the pods we need to access the pod IP.
  6. If more than one container is running inside a pod is called tight coupling and if one container is running inside one pod is called loose coupling.
  7. The best practice is to run one container inside one pod for unique port number.
  8. The Pod is something which only holds the container in it,if a container stops the pod will not start.
  9. We can use YML configuration files to create a pod.
  10. Pod holds the configuration information that determine how a container should run.

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