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Day3: Assignment #1-subba

  1. what are the ways to deploy pod? pod Replication controller Replica set deployment Daemon sets stateful sets

Daemon sets: min and max one pod per node. example for this canal
canal is netwrok plugin for proxy.
similarly we have kube-proxy which acts eternet/bridge.

  1. what is job and cronjob
    job we can define the container and it will go off once it is done.
    cronjob, we can define the job at regular intervals

  2. config map
    this is configurations required for service and we can use in service as volume mounts.
    its stored in etcd i.e. as key and value pair

  3. load balancer
    we have n/w load balancer and application load balancer
    application load balancer example is ingress.

there were 4 service types
clustered ip
external name
load balancer

with clusteredip we can create load balancer but we need match the selector label

Nodeport will create service of type clusteredtype and will make service available to all hosts

loadbalancer: it is ahead of the cluster and we can redirect to service and then load balancer and to nodes

Ingress: to manage application well we will have to use ingress which is outside of kubernetes and it balances the load
3types are there in ingress

  1. path based
  2. Name based
  3. TLS Based

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