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Assignment #1: Subbarao

1. what is kubernetes?

Answer: Kubernetes also referred as k8s, it is an open source platform. It manages the containers across private, public, hybrid environments. we can manage microservice architecture to manage with kubernetes. we can do container orchestration with kubenetes. it was originated from borg->omega->kubernetes.

2. why do you need kubernetes?

Answer: One of the benefits of Kubernetes is that it makes building and running complex applications much simpler. Standard services like local DNS and basic load-balancing that most applications need are easy to use. The pods that wrap around containers are easy to build configurations. One single API much easier to create applications that manage other applications. Developers can concentrate on the applications rather than focusing on build and manage.

3. How kubernets works?

Answer: kubernetes works as master-workernode architecure. In the Master node we have 4 components
(a)Kube-apiserver: it is the front end to the control panel and it consumes json.
(b)Cluster store: it is persistence data that means the data stores in Database.
etcd is the database was used in cluster store and its kind of mongoDB.
Here we have different types of controllers like

  1. Node controller
  2. Endpoints controller
  3. Namespace controller All interacts with API server and informs the each controller status (d)Kube-scheduler: it watches apiserver for new pods. its consists of affinity/anti-affinity,constraints,resources.

kubectl controlls master server.

In the worker node
we have Kubelet, container engine, kube-proxy.
kubelet: the main kubernetes agent registers node with clsuter watches apiserver instantiates pods reports back to master exposes endpoint on 10255
container engine: which manages all the containers in pods.
pod is logical entity
kube-proxy: all containers in pod gets single IP.

4. Exaplin kubernetes architecure?

Kubernetes architecture, also sometimes called Kubernetes application deployment architecture or Kubernetes client server architecture, is used to compose, scale, deploy, and manage application containers across host clusters.

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