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Docker Summary by Tomar

What is Docker?

  • Docker is containerization management tool which allow you to perform certain operations on container like - create, stop, pause etc. It is a tool which talks to kernel using various components.

Why Docker?

  • Docker is a way to interact with OS Kernel for performing various container operation. Containers are important to run multiple instance of same image.

What is Container?

  • It is not possible to run the same application multiple times (for ex running 3 apache instances) in PC environment. To overcome this issue we have something called Container. Containers run your application by sharing the resources and have its own Users, PID, network tree and file system.

Docker workflow?

  • Docker client -> Rest APIs -> Docker Server (server checks the required image if not there then connects to registry to get it).

How container created?

  • Containers are created by OS kernel on demand by Docker. Docker gives instructions to kernel to creates Users, PID, Network tree, File system and then connect the created user to these components.

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