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1. Kubernetes Architecture 2. Componnet of master and its role for each 3. Component of worker and its role for each....

  1. Kubernetes Architecture: Kubernetes cluster has master nodes and worker nodes. Master node is the in charge and the worker nodes do the actual work.
  2. Components of master are api-server, cluster store, controller-manager, scheduler.
    apiserver is the front-end to the control plane and it exposes the API(REST) and consumes JSON via manifest files
    Cluster store is the persistent storage which has the information about cluster state and configuration
    Controller-manager is a node controller and watches for changes and helps maintain desired state.
    Scheduler watches apiserver for new pods. It assigns work to nodes.

  3. Components of worker node: The components of worker are Kubelet, container engine and kube-proxy.
    Kubelet is the main kubernets agent. It registers nodes with clusters and watches apiserver. It instantiates pods and reports back to master.
    Container engine does container management like pulling images, starting/stopping containers and etc..
    Kube-proxy handles networking part w.r.t Pod IP addresses and load balances across all pods in a service.

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