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What is Kubernetes?

  1. Kubernetes considered to be like an Orchestrator to orchestrate containers, microservices etc.
  2. Kubernetes is developed by google
  3. Kubernetes is written in golang language
  4. Kubernetes is inspired from Borg & Omega
  5. It is dedicated to CNCF in year 2014
  6. You can say kubernetes is a deployment tool which helps to scale your application in very less time.
  7. It is a open source tool
  8. It also be referred as K8S in short form
  9. It follows master to worker nodes architecture to deploy applications in microservices manner.
  10. It came into picture to handle container scalability challenges
  11. It do workload management, infrastructure abstraction and desired state recovering(auto healing) to keep application up and running through PODs
  12. It works internally by communicating through APIs managed in api server
  13. Four important components in kubernetes are Kube-Api server, Cluster Store, Scheduler and Controller

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