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What is Kubernetes by Harish

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes (or k8s) is an orchestrator tool for containers. which helps to manage the containers in production environment.

Why do we need Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is used for managing the container. Which helps us in creating more reliable and scalable application. In production environment creating the application to be online and be available for large number of users is more important with the help of Kubernetes we can make our application more efficient and serve our customer. Kubernetes is helpful while upgrading out application with out any down time which help’s the us to role out any changes at any point of time. With the help of the role back feature we can roll back the upgrade or down gradle the feature with zero down time.
Overall, the Kubernetes helps us in managing our application effortlessly and keep us healthy, wealthy, and happy.

How Kubernetes Works?

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As we discussed Kubernetes is an orchestrator tool for containers. Which will have cluster which consist of master and worker node. The master helps us in managing the worker node activities such as creating pods, maintaining pods etc in worker node, based on the instruction given by developer in YAML.

Explain each component of Kubernetes Architecture?

Kubernetes Cluster have 2 major components.

  1. Master or control plain.
  2. Worker Master has 4 main components – ApiServer, Persistent volume, Controller, Scheduler Worker has 3 main component – Kubelet, Kube-proxy, Container.d

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  1. Master or control plain. a. ApiServer – This is the only gateway to communicate with in the cluster. All the requests are passed from apiServer. b. Persistent volume(etcd) – This is the source of truth in k8s. this is the memory unit of the Kubernetes. c. Controller – This is the watcher in Kubernetes. Which keeps listening in loop with all the components in k8s and getting the data or stat. d. Scheduler – This helps in scheduling the container or tasks in cluster.
  2. Worker a. Kubelet – This is used in managing the pod. Eg. Initializing the pods etc b. Proxy – This is the network component of pod which helps to communicate between the different pod, host etc. c. Container.d – This the containerizing host which help to run the docker container on node or worker.

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