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What is Namespace,Pod's,ReplicationController, Replica set and Deployment by Harish


  1. Namespace is used to Structuralize the resources of the Clustered Horizontally. eg.. ram, diskspace, cpu etc
  2. Using Name space we can restrict the access to other users and isolate the resources.


  1. Pod is the smallest entity of Kubernetes.
  2. Pod life cycle is – Pending, Running, Failed.
  3. Pod can’t be created they can only be instantiated.
  4. we can go inside the container using pod exec.
  5. we can get container logs using kubectl logs.

ReplicationController and Replica Set

  1. Replicationcontroller is used to instantiate multiple pods and control the running pods.
  2. Replica Set is the updated version of ReplicationController.   ## Deployment
  3. Deployment is used to instantiate pod and control the running pods using help of Replica Set and pod.

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