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What is Pod by Harish

What is Pod?

  1. Pod is the smallest entity of Kubernetes.
  2. Pod life cycle is – Pending, Running, Failed.
  3. Pod can’t be created they can only be instantiated.
  4. Pod can be configured in multiple ways eg. 1 pod having 1 container, 1 pod having 2 container , 1 cluster having 2 or more containers
  5. Ip is assigned to pod all containers in pod will have same IP address.
  6. In same pod having similar or same container is bad design.
  7. Containers inside the pod can communicate through localhost or with pod IP.
  8. To access the container, use the pod IP with port to access application.
  9. Pod can’t be deleted or paused.
  10. Pod helps us in scaling the application.
  11. Pod is instantiated by kubelet.
  12. Pod can we instantiated using the yml file.
  13. Type = pod will specify the yml to create pod.

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