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Kubernetes Day3

--Daemonset : Used to to create on Min and Max of one pod in all nodes
--Job : Creates the pod with image and do its work and go to completed state instead of keep running(once it goes to completed state still we will see job name it will not get deleted but will not consumed any of the resources)
--Cronjob : It will create the job based on the intervals (how many times it revoke the job that many times we see job get created and once its job is done will go to completed)
Note : on interval same job will not used it will create a new job
--Service : By creating the service we can expose all the pods which have same pods label name same as service selector name(but it will get exposed only to cluster level) and it is network loadbalancer
---Three types in Services - clusterIP, nodeport and loadbalancer
---By default service will get created with cluster-ip which will be used only with in the cluster but not from out side
---Using nodeport as type port will be created at node level and all node will be exposed and can use the service with node ip
--Ingress : It will have Ingress controller and Ingress object, it is application level loadbalancer
---Ingress controller : Traffic will hit the engress controller and it will get the rule from the engress object and according request will go to particular service
---Ingress Object : All the rules to the services are written in Ingress object it can be path based, domain based.

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