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What is Kubernetes by RakeshKonda

What is Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes is orchestration to control the containers

Why Do we need Kubernetes? Explain in 10 lines

It provide the required services to control the all the containers(compute, DB, Security, high availability and etc) basically one cluster environment to access the scaled containers.
Using Kubernetes we can expose all the containers configured on the node with one port. With Kubernetes we can set the what is the desire with the containers running on the worker and rest how to achieve the desire Kubernetes will take care by itself.

How Kubernetes Works?

Kubernetes works on Master and Node concepts, Nodes should be configured to specific required Master to form a cluster.

Kubernetes Architecture. Explain each component with 1 one line.

Image description

Master :(Can have multiple Master)

  1. API Server : Contains 100's of API's, it takes request from all another modules and send response
  2. ETCD : Serves like database kind of mango DB works based on key and values
  3. Controller Manager : It works in loops, it will be keep checking the health of all the modules and reports to API Server
  4. Scheduler : Responsible to schedule the work to nodes comes with the default scheduler, we can custom the scheduler as well. Can assign the work to specific pod or can can configure on random pick

Node(Also called as worker) : Contains pods and containers in the pods.

  1. Kubelet : It creates the communication between node and Master, primarily responsible to take the request from Master
  2. Docker engine : To create the container(Also called as work)
  3. Kube - proxy - Create the network infra to all the pods.

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