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POD By Rakesh

What is POD :

  1. POD's are managed by kubernete
  2. All the components installed while creating Master or worker creates the static nodes for each component
  3. POD can have multiple containers
  4. There can be multiple multiple POD's in one worker
  5. Good practice is to have one container in one POD
  6. We cannot start the POD's
  7. POD's cannot be created it can be only initiated buy kubelet
  8. Each POD have it own .yaml file
  9. Desire to the kubernetes is created at POD level
  10. If multiple container in one POD each container should have different port adders
  11. Containers inside the POD's will communicate with the POD local IP
  12. We can have Main containers and supporting containers in side the POD

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