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How to move Backlog Issues to a Scrum Board in Jira

Log in to Jira:

Open your web browser and log in to your Jira instance.
Navigate to the Scrum Board:

Select the Scrum board from the "Boards" menu. Make sure the board is associated with the project where your backlog issues are located.
Access the Backlog:

On the Scrum board, locate the "Backlog" link, usually found in the left sidebar. Click on it to access the backlog view.
View Backlog Issues:

In the backlog view, you'll see a list of issues that are not currently in an active sprint. These issues are part of the backlog.
Select Issues to Move:

Check the checkboxes next to the issues you want to move from the backlog to the active sprint or board.
Click "Create Sprint" or "Add to Sprint" (if applicable):

If your Scrum board uses sprints, you might need to create a new sprint or add issues to an existing sprint. Look for the "Create Sprint" or "Add to Sprint" button and follow the prompts.
Drag and Drop (Kanban Board):

If you're using a Kanban board, you can often simply drag and drop issues from the backlog to the board. Move the selected issues to the appropriate column on the board.
Confirm Move:

Confirm the move when prompted. You might need to provide additional information or set fields based on your Jira configuration.
Additional Tips:
Sprint Planning (Scrum):

If your Scrum board uses sprints, consider planning your issues during sprint planning sessions. This helps organize and prioritize work for upcoming sprints.
Workflow Transitions:

Make sure the issues you're moving comply with the workflow of the board. If there are required transitions or fields, address them during the move process.

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to move issues between the backlog and the board. Check both project and board permissions.
By following these steps, you should be able to move issues from the backlog to your Scrum board in Jira. If you encounter any issues or if the steps slightly differ based on your Jira configuration, refer to your specific Jira documentation or contact your Jira administrator for assistance.

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