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Day 02 - Sarmila


  • Namespace is a logical separation of resources within the cluster
  • Namespaces was introduced to overcome 2 problems, 1.To avoid problems while using the shared resources by diff applications 2.To restrict access over resources
  • Pods will come under namespaces
  • When pods are under a namespace ,namespace will be true
  • When pods are under a worker node, namespace will be false

  • Any namespace will be classified under one of the below category,
    System - Created by Kubernetes
    Public - Common resources
    Default - When no namespace is provided
    Admin - For admin roles

  • When namespace is deleted, all respective pods will get deleted

Accessing resources:

  • Create- create/ create -f yaml
  • Read- get/ get -f yaml
  • Update- edit / apply -f yaml
  • Delete- delete / delete -f yaml

Debugging/Troubleshooting strategies

  • Logs
  • attach
  • Exec
  • Port forward
  • copy
  • auth

Deployment in Kubernetes:
1.Replication - controls number of replications without writing many yaml files
2.Controller - controls replication
3.Versioning - controls the version
4.Rollout - To roll out the changes(Recreate - Delete and create all the container and Rolling update)
5.RollBack - To roll back to the older version

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