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Day 3 - Sarmila

Daemon Sets

Min/Max one pod per node eg: kubectl canal and proxy


To compute a work one time

Cron Jobs

To execute regular scheduled actions

Config Maps

Save configs, keys in a config file used by application instead of hardcoding in the application properties


Network Load Balancer to deal which pods to connect with

Service Types -

1.Cluster IP - Accessible only within the cluster
2.Node Port - Can be accessed from outside the cluster
3.Load Balancer - Balances the input request load (used aws load balancer - this needs to be linked with DNS)
*4.External *


*Application Load Balancer *
To reduce the usage of Load balancers, routing rules can be specified to enable traffic, routing with security
2 main components: Rule, Controller (exposed to Load Balancer)
3 Types:
Name Based - Based on Domain Names
Path Based - Based on application path
TLS Based

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