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Day 2 - Docker Images

What is a Docker image. Explain in 10 points.

-> Docker image is a repository.
-> Docker images are immutable, they can't be changed.
-> Docker images can be duplicated, shared or deleted.
-> Docker images contains the ROOTFS (root file system), USERFS (user file system), APPFS (application file systems for OPENJDK,TOMCAT and CUSTOMAPPS).
-> ROOTFS and USERFS together called as basic layer of an image.
-> Docker image consists of multiple filesystems OR it is a collection of multiple filesystems.
-> File systems are called layers as they are on top of each other in the docker images.
-> Each layer has a unique shad ID.
-> Overlay2 is one of the storage driver used in docker to store docker images.
-> whenever we make changes (like writing file/updating file), that changes will get updated in both merged layer and image layer.

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