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Write a Notes on all the git commands which we have learned and one line explaination of it.

git init:- initializes the git in the folder
git config :- used to config the git user name and email associated
git add file1.txt :- Add file1.txt to
git add . :- Adds a file to the staging area.
git commit -m "commit message" :- Records or snapshots the file permanently in the version history.
git branch :- lists all the local branches in the current repository.
git checkout :- This command is used to switch from one branch to another.
git merge :- command merges the specified branch’s history into the current branch.
git clean :- used to remove unwanted files from your working directory
git clone URL:- For getting a repository from an existing URL
git log :- used to list the version history for the current branch
git status :- lists all the files that have to be committed.

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