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list of my blogs written in oct 2023

  1. How to scrape the you tube comment,upvote and timestamp in Selenium
  2. How to extract text pagination elements while filtering out the hidden ones in selenium
  3. How to scrape the results of each product from specific multiple pages after searching data in selenium python
  4. How to scrape the detail of each item using ur
  5. How to scrape image from google in selenium python
  6. Xampp Error:[Apache] Port 80 in use by "Unable to open process" with PID 4!
  7. Laravel Error: How to solve undefined variable or null value using isset directive
  8. How to remove specific unwanted symbols (%20) to create user friendly url using Str::slug in laravel
  9. The Power of CloudOps: Importance, Training, and Certification Resources"
  10. Explain websocket concept and its real time application
  11. Implement chat application using websocket in different programming language
  12. xampp Error: : The term 'php' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.
  13. Explain the real time application of wsl
  14. Listout Apache Security Checklist
  15. list out checklist for best practices for selenium webscraping
  16. How to avoid overloading a website with too many requests in a short time in webscrapping
  17. How to handle Cookies and Sessions for authenticated scraping
  18. How to Calculate the details of Highest selling novels. from table while scraping data
  20. How to Investigate suspicious activity in Linux Server
  21. Explain potential reasons for input element is not visible when you inspect the source page
  23. How to implement Paytm in laravel application
  24. How to solve Xampp Access Forbidden phpmyadmin
  25. How to generate an SSH key and add it to your GitHub account:
  27. How to display values from array of php in html table
  28. How to sends array of value to another php file
  29. Error: array to string conversion in php
  30. How to enter in mysql shell or mariadb after install lampp
  31. Explain different kind of real time application of action chain in selenium python
  33. How to implement serialize and deserialize data in different programming language
  34. List out checklist of nlp terminology in machine learning
  35. Explain all label of dependency parsing in NLP
  36. Handling, Manipulation and display of python data type in client and server side
  37. List out the checklist of Webstate element in selenium python
  38. list out checklist of Selecting dropdown option with Selenium
  39. Explain the role of test cases in selenium python
  40. Explain test fixture,test case,test suite and test runner in unit test
  41. Explain Command-Line Interface to run tests from modules, classes or even individual test methods in unittest
  42. Explain test discovery in unittest with example
  43. How to organize test code in unittest
  44. How to Re-using old test code in unittest
  45. How to get array of value from database records in laravel
  46. Laravel Error:Too few arguments to function App\Mail\InfluencerMail::__construct(), 1 passed in paymentController.php
  47. How to store array of value in database records in laravel
  48. How to send email in multiple client in laravel
  49. How to redirect data from php script to laravel.

50.How to get two table data using Eloquent relationship in laravel

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